LMS: OAK Racing and Dunlop; P1 Partnership Begins.


OAK Racing runs Dunlop-shod at Zhuhai.

OAK Racing's Dunlop-shod Pescarolo 01-Judd during the ILMC finale at the 1000km Zhuhai. - Image Courtesy John Dagys/Speedtv.com

After a successful 2010 campaign spanning the Le Mans series, Le Mans 24 Hour, and inaugural running of the Intercontinental Cup, French team OAK Racing has recently unveiled it’s plans for the 2011 season.

During a recent press release, the Jacques Nicolet-led squad announced the formation of a new partnership with tyre supplier Dunlop and with it, unveiled plans to enter the LMP1 category. This agreement will see the OAK team, formerly the pseudo-development squad for Mazda Racing France, take on tyre development duties for the famous British supplier. As of 2011 OAK Racing will enter the premiere category of ACO prototype competition, while acting as the official LMP1 Dunlop tyre development squad.

Despite having already supplied OAK, and several other LMP teams (i.e. Dyson, Oreca, RML etc)  throughout 2010, the move comes at a time when Dunlop, still Le Mans most successful tyre supplier with 34 outright victories to its name, attempts to regain territory since lost to French tyre giant Michelin, and re-establish its winning presence within the sportscar community.

OAK Racing will continue to utilise Pescarolo chassis and, in accordance with 2011 ACO technical regulations, will likely compete with an overhauled version of their current LMP2 Pescarolo-01 package. Technical details have not yet been announced.


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