Aston Martin Unveil Open Cockpit LMP for 2011

An artists impression of AMR's latest LMP1 design.

An artists impression of AMR's latest LMP1 design.

During an official press release at this weekend’s AutoSport 1000KM of Silverstone, Aston Martin Racing has unveiled details of its highly anticipated, next generation LMP1 project. Originally thought to have been a closed cockpit design like its predecessor, AMR’s latest LMP has now been revealed as an open cockpit roadster. The announcement cements AMR’s presence as the first major manufacturer to release plans for the 2011 season.

Designed to contest the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hour, the new LMP marks AMR’s first purpose-built race package in over 50 years. Renderings released to media during the presentation suggest the chassis will share a similar nose design to its Lola-AMR predecessor. The infamous shark fin concept, designed to reduce aerodynamic instability, can also be seen adorning the car’s rear bodywork.

Aston Martin Chairman, David Richards made the following statement  in relation to LMP engine design: “In recent years, it has been impossible for petrol cars to compete on equal terms with the diesels. However, we now have assurances from the ACO that, with the adoption of the 2011 regulations, they will properly balance the performance of these new cars.”

While specific details regarding the car’s petrol engine have yet to be released, the unit will likely be of six/eight cylinder design.

Development of both the chassis and engine have progressed over several months at AMR headquarters, with the new LMP designated to commence testing during early 2011. Initial production will be limited to six units.


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