ILMC: Audi Confirms Driver Lineups.

#8 R15 TDi + entering Porsche Curves, LM24 2010 - Image Courtesy John Dagys /

#8 Audi of Fässler, Lotterer, and Treluyer during the 2010 Le Mans 24H. - Image Courtesy John Dagys /

With only several weeks remaining until the inaugural running of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, AudiSport has revealed its driver lineups for a planned two car attack on the new manufacturer-focused challenge.

Due to a combination of varying driver obligations and changed sporting regulations, Audi has opted against static lineups and will alter driver combinations on a per event basis.

Eight time-Le Mans winner, Tom Kristensen will partner Alan McNish at both Silverstone and Zuhai rounds of the challenge. While Dindo Capello will join Timo Bernhard in the #8 at Silverstone.

The Petit Le Mans event will see the squad return to a traditional endurance lineup of three drivers per car. With Capello joining Kristensen/McNish in the #7, and Fässler, Lotterer, and Treluyer reuniting in the #8 entry.

Returning to two drivers per chassis once more in Zuhai, Kristensen/McNish will remain in the #7, with Capello returning to the #8 now alongside Romain Dumas.

Audi Motorsport Director, Wolfgang Ullrich had the following to say regarding the lineups:

“Because there’s only a make and team but no driver classification we’re using the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup as an opportunity to integrate the drivers who haven’t competed for us very often, even better with our team. Our aim is to compete at Le Mans in 2011 with the same drivers as this year.”

Driver lineup listings can be seen on a per event basis below:

  • 1000KM Silverstone (UK) – 12 September.
    – #7 Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish
    – #8 Timo Bernhard/Dindo Capello
  • Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta (USA) – 02 October.
    – #7 Dindo Capello/Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish
    – #9 Marcel Fässler/André Lotterer/Benoît Treluyer
  • 6 Hours of Zhuhai (CN) – 07 November.
    – #7 Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish
    – #8 Dindo Capello/Romain Dumas

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