Lola Unveils 2011 B11/40 LMP2.

Lola B11/40 LMP2

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Lola Cars today unveiled the latest addition to its range of LMP chassis, the LMP2 specification B11/40.

The chassis bears a strong resemblances to its predecessors (namely the B07/40, B10/80), featuring recent aero updates seen on the current-spec Lola machinery (i.e. rear/side bodywork, air intake etc).

Designed to 2011 ACO regulations, the open-cockpit chassis aims to provide privateer teams a financially viable means of participation under the newer, cost-capped ruleset. Under new class rules the chassis price must not exceed €325,000 (without engine), or €400,000 with engine package.

As one of the first customer cars designed under the new ruleset, the chassis will provide a number of revisions. Notably an all-carbon bodykit, quick-release rear bodywork, Lola’s High-Torque transmission system, and the recently mandated ‘Shark-fin’ attachment (pictured).

Additionally, the chassis will also be compatible with GT/Production engines from a wide array of manufacturers (i.e. BMW, Ford, HPD, Jaguar, Nissan, Toyota, Judd).


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