MarcVDS Announces Spa 24 Hour Assault.

MarcVDS Ford GT

Image courtesy

MarcVDS has recently announced their participation at the 2010 Spa 24 Hour event. However, instead of sporting the usual Mustang GT3 seen during the 2010 FIA-GT3 series events thus far, the Belgian team will enter two GT3-spec Ford GT’s.

After hearing of the team’s misfortune, fellow FordGT team owner and constructor, Martin Bartek has provided the team with two GT3-spec Ford GT’s for use in the 24 hour event.

The switch (return?) to the FordGT chassis is a response to the homologation difficulties facing the squads’ Mustang GT3 chassis. Which the team has chosen to resolve privately in a bid to remain in the FIA’s good graces.

While the absence of the Mustangs will come as a disappointment to many, the team has vowed the change is a minor set back, and the chassis will return to race in the FIA-GT3 championship at a later date.


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