ALMS: Fisichella/Vilander join Risi for Miller.

Risi #62, Laguna Seca 2010

Risi Competizione's Ferrari F430 during the 2010 six hours of Monterey. - Image courtesy John Dagys/

Risi Competizione has recently announced the addition of a second entry for round four of the ALMS at Miller Motorsports Park, Salt Lake City. The drivers named to run the second car are retired F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella, and Toni Vilander. Both of whom are current Ferrari factory drivers.

The talented pairing currently drive for the AF-Corse team in the Le Mans series, alongside fellow works drivers, team mates, and Risi regulars, Gimmi Bruni and Jaime Melo. Making the pairing prime candidates for integration with the Risi squad.

While the announcement has fueled speculation over the possibility of a second Risi entry for the remainder of season 2010, Team owner/Manager Giuseppe Risi has responded with the following statement:  “At the present time, it is intended that the drivers will be with us for just this one race.”


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