Audi unveils R15 TDi Plus.


AudiSport's second revision of the R15 chassis, the R15+. - Image Courtesy Audi Motorsport.

Today Audi unveiled the changes made to it’s LMP1 chassis, formerly known as the R15.

The revised chassis design, bearing the designation R15+, is a response to late regulation changes made by the ACO in late November 2009 (following protests by both Peugeot & AMR), rendering the (at the time) aero-design ineligible to compete in future races.

The R15+ features a split-front nose design even more radical than the first iteration of the chassis. Due to regulation changes, the previous chassis’ flow-concept (emphasis on air flow through chassis) has been rendered much less effective. Sidewalls (previously in a partially open form) have now been closed, as a result of the design’s new focus.

Audi’s V10 TDi engine has been optimised for smaller restrictors and reduced supercharging pressure. The car’s headlight system also saw a comprehensive overhaul. With the chassis now utilising lighting components found within the R8 LMS production chassis.

Although Audi will be testing at Sebring following the 12H race, they will not compete. Instead the R15+ will turn it’s first competitive laps at the Paul Ricard circuit at the opening round of the 2010 LMS season.


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