Audi releases first R15+ teaser image.

Audi R15+ Teaser.

Audi's R15+; A first glimpse. - Image courtesy Endurance-info.

Since it’s appearance in 2009, Audi’s R15 chassis had been the centre of much controversy due to the radical chimney-nose design employed by the marque’s designers. Earlier this week the first teaser shots of Audi’s updated LMP1 challenger, the R15+ TDi were released by Audi motorsport (see above).

Although the image reveals very little, the car appears to bear a be a redesigned (lower) sidewall. What effect this may have on other potential changes, remains uncertain. Audi is in Sebring currently, and (although they will not be racing at the 12H) have claimed the full, 2010-spec  R15+ will be testing during the week following the race.

The full extent of the modifications may not been known until the  R15+ makes it first appearance at the inaugural round of the Le Mans series at the Paul Ricard circuit this April.


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